Brandon Cornejo

Associate / Landscape Architect


Brandon was born and raised in a lawn-loving suburb in Southern California. He received a BLA from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. A member of a local bromeliad society and regular attendee of the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show throughout college, Brandon sought out a design firm where subtropical and tropical plants were a critical part of the vocabulary. While at Poly, a close colleague shared an iconic RJI image of Aechmea blanchetiana near a water feature at Golden Rock Inn, and Brandon was convinced to send in an application.

At RJI, Brandon has worked on various projects including residential, hospitality, civic, and masterplan. High profile projects include Bal Harbour Shops, Tampa Heron and NYBG Brazilian Modern.

Brandon spent 4 years back in California, working in the Bay Area and Southern California on plant-forward, drought tolerant, residential projects. Leading landscape architecture at a water resources engineering firm, Brandon composed technical language for a LA Metro tree ordinance, provided Urban Heat Island Effect research for LA County Parks and Recreation, and oversaw landscape designs of large parks identified by LA County’s Safe Clean Water Program as potential sites for infiltration and capture of regional stormwater.

Brandon is now back at RJI, as a licensed landscape architect in Texas and California, with country-wide plant knowledge, grading and drainage expertise, and a broader perspective of the profession of landscape architecture.

Brandon is fascinated with how cultures perceive, interact with, and enjoy plants. He believes that innovative landscape architecture and garden design can combat the rapid sterilization of the local and global landscape.

Brandon leads a creative and adventurous life outside of work.


California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obipso - BLA
University of California Irvine - Data Analytics and Visualization


Licensed Landscape Architect - California, Texas