Collin Bowie



Born in Florida and raised in Maine, Collin decided to return to Gainesville for his undergraduate schooling at the University of Florida where he pursued a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. Shortly after graduating in 2018, Collin joined RJI as a design intern and participates in a variety of daily tasks. As a member of the design team, Collin uses graphic renderings of models and sketches as tools he utilizes through the design process.

Collin values a Landscape Architect’s holistic design approach and sensitivity to factors that define the spirit of a place. But above all, it is the power to create, and instill emotion that draws Collin to the fields of Landscape Architecture and design.

Growing up in a small town in Maine, Collin has developed a passion for outdoor activities including bass fishing, canoeing, and skiing and has a keen interest in 3D visualization as well as graphic representation.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Florida