Kristelle Boulos



Kristelle was first inspired to create green public spaces due to the dense urban setting of her hometown, Beirut. Her thesis focused on activating the underused spaces beneath vehicular overpasses that crowd downtown Beirut. She sees the value in underestimated voids in cities, and her experience with water scarcity in her hometown region influences her emphasis on sustainability.

Prior to joining RJI, Kristelle worked in Beirut and Washington D.C, both places where her quadrilingual skills were particularly valuable. During her time where she worked on projects of various scales and levels of complexity, including residential gardens, ephemeral installations, plazas, and U.S. Embassy Compounds. Born in the U.S., raised in the Middle East, French-educated and fluent in Spanish, Kristelle’s cultural diversity allows her to see things from a different perspective.

Kristelle was drawn to join RJI because she admires the harmony in each project between the landscape and the architecture; the seamless dialogue between all plant materials and the unique experiences created for people. At RJI, Kristelle assists Senior Associates with production and coordination work from concept design through construction administration. In addition to her project responsibilities she actively contributes to marketing endeavors to enhance RJI’s connection to the public.

In her spare time, Kristelle enjoys photography, traveling, tango dancing and SCUBA diving.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, American University of Beirut