Lucy Du



Originally from Shenzhen, a beautiful coastal city in China, Lucy came to the US at the age of 16 to attend high school in Maine. Growing up in a family that loved to spend time in nature, Lucy decided to study Landscape Architecture as her major.

Traveling has played an essential role in Lucy’s academic life. At Penn State, she benefited so much by traveling intensively to Europe and South America. With appreciation of different cultures, Lucy loves to encounter people and learn how people use various spaces. At GSD, Lucy visited Thailand with the studio. She learned how to step into natives’ shoes, think, and design from the first-person perspective. Lucy’s design philosophy has been shaped to advocate the experiential essence and people-oriented mindset to address the intrinsic qualities of each space.

Furthermore, Lucy is a super fan of immersive theatre, exhibition, and art. From there, Lucy can absorb so much energy and inspiration, and give back to her design.


Master in Landscape Architecture (post-professional), Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science, French & Francophone Studies, The Pennsylvania State University