Raunak Rasal



Raunak was born and raised in India’s coastal city of Mumbai, amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. Even though he lived a fast-paced life, he always had a sense of calmness and attentiveness to small things around him. These very skills led him to seek solutions to the city’s perpetual infrastructure problems through the medium of Architecture.

Raunak received his Architecture degree from the University of Mumbai in 2015. It was there where he was formally introduced to landscape architecture, and there was no looking back. He found a sense of playfulness and application of creative solutions to his thought process. Carrying this newfound love for landscape further, he decided to fly to Miami, citing issues that coastal cities face in common. While pursuing his Master of Landscape Architecture degree at Florida International University, he was actively involved in finding solutions to some of Miami’s land issues, such as sea-level rise and gentrification. His academic performance earned him the Faculty’s Award for Excellence during his graduation.

Prior to joining RJI, Raunak worked on various projects ranging from single-family residences to hospitality developments in Florida and Mexico.

His constant eagerness to learn and grow himself as an individual, and to discover life’s various possibilities, is not limited to landscape architecture. When not in the studio, Raunak follows his passion for landscape, architecture, and boudoir photography. He is also a big aviation buff and pours his soul into painting.


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Mumbai
Master of Landscape Architecture, Florida International University