Wei Zhu



Originally from Suzhou, a small historic city known for its classical gardens, Wei found her interest in landscape architecture from her childhood living environment. The study opportunity presented by Pennsylvania State University led her into the field of Landscape Architecture. Her initial motivation to pursue this major was the field trips, which gave her the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural landscape in Pennsylvania. In her first two years of study, making physical models was the predominant method to visualize her design ideas. The spatial illustration from the mimicked landscape reminds her of the design concept of the classical gardens from her hometown.

Wei is also interested in different cultures and arts around the world. She took very diverse art history classes in college as a fantastic journey to see the world from a special perspective. She was granted the opportunity to see thousands of types of gardens, landscapes, and cityscapes built from the pre-historic years until now, which always makes her wander the landscape design in the next century.

Raymond Jungles, Inc. was Wei’s selected firm from her professional practice class which then led her to apply after graduation.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Art History, Pennsylvania State University