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The architecture of Herzog & de Meuron is nestled in a garden that is well ordered, botanically rich, casual and distinctively Floridian. The Dune Garden is comprised of native coastal dune vegetation. Sea Grape, sculptural Buttonwood and Seven Year Apple, along with swaying Coconut and Cabbage palms will create pleasant pockets of shade. Natural grasses and masses of indigenous wildflowers will encircle pocket beaches, providing intimate relaxation opportunities. The Pool Garden will be a natural extension of the Dune Garden. The gentle lines and organic forms of the lagoon pool and planting areas meld with the beach. Whether lounging in a hammock or from cleverly positioned, comfortable furniture, a variety of garden experiences and great views abound.

Countless reflections of the stunning garden, ocean and architecture will play across the generous surface of the lagoon pool. The lap pool zone will deliver views into the Leeward Garden from a more intimate, sunny vantage point, while offering ample opportunities for open-air exercise. The Leeward Garden, sheltered by the architecture, will be a verdant oasis in the town of Sunny Isles. While in unity with its urban context, the garden will be distinctly lush and will appear to be preexistent, as if it had always been there. Canopies of legacy trees, such as Autograph Trees, Sea Grape, Water Chestnut, Green and Silver Buttonwoods, will embrace residents and passersby equally.  The volumes created by these canopy trees are juxtaposed with the staggered heights of Coconut, Sabal, and Date Palms, creating a living, ever changing work of art.  Florida Silver Palms, Native Lignum Vitae, Green and Key Thatch Palms comprise the understory layer of the garden adding depth and texture to this composition.  The buttress roots and branching habit of a large mature Kapok Tree, will provide a sculptural punctuation to this timeless landscape that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Design Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Architect of Record: ADD, Inc.
Interior Design: Pierre-Yves Rochon
General Contractor: Suffolk Construction
Civil Engineer: VSN Engineering, Inc.
Coastal Engineer: Coastal Systems International, Inc.
Structural Engineer: McNamara Salvia, Inc.
Pool Consultant: Aquadynamics
Soil Consultant: Jim Urban
Professional Rendering Consultant: Douglas Thompson
Location: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

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