Nicole Pardo

Marketing and Business Development Director


Nicole is a dynamic professional with a passion for digital marketing and storytelling. She is the Marketing and Business Development Director at RJI.

She attended New York University, where she immersed herself in the world of arts and literature. Nicole earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, with a minor in Film and Television Production.

Following graduation, Nicole found her niche in the marketing space. Her keen interest in promoting creative content and connecting with audiences led her to excel in her roles within the industry. Driven by a desire for new challenges and opportunities, Nicole made the decision to join Raymond Jungles Inc. as the Social Media Coordinator, utilizing her expertise in digital marketing to enhance the company’s online presence.

Her hunger for diverse marketing experiences led her to explore opportunities in brand strategy and marketing campaign management. This allowed her to work across various industries, including design, beauty, health, tech, and wellness. Through these experiences, Nicole gained valuable insights and honed her skills in creating effective marketing campaigns.

Nicole’s passion lies in digital storytelling, and firmly believes in the power of storytelling to foster accessibility and forge connections in the digital world. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape and a diverse repertoire of marketing knowledge, Nicole is excited to bring her expertise to her role at RJI. She is dedicated to leveraging digital platforms to create meaningful and engaging experiences for audiences and continues to facilitate broadening RJI’s distinguished practice.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, New York University